How To Make a Predictable Full-Time 6-figure Income From

Part-Time Renovating

And Achieve A Rewarding, Creative Lifestyle Where You Choose When and How You Work.


On this webcast we promise to show you:

  • Magazine Cover Finish On A Beer Budget

    Why we are known for amazing finishes and stylish looks on a tight budget - and how you can get the same results on your projects for more profit in ANY market.

  • The 3 Steps To Choosing The 'RIGHT' Property To Renovate

    Real estate can be deceptive, We'll show you how we pick properties that will give us the biggest uplift for the least work, without nasty surprises!

  • Turning Your Love Of Renovating Into A Full Time Business (on part-time hours)

    With over 30 years experience each renovating, we'll show you how to transition from weekend renovator to professional flipper/investor. 

Belinda Smith and Belinda Westblade have been best friends since primary school. They've found a mutual passion for renovating and have been renovating, flipping and investing for over 30 years each.

They each bring a wealth of experience, wisdom and insight to the renovation space that is unmatched. If you want to make more money, work less & smarter, get jaw dropping results and have people get into bidding wars over your properties - these are the girls you need to pay attention to. 

 The first time Belinda transformed a family home for me I was speechless as I walked through looking at the interior design and decorating. Each project Belinda does for me is unique to the home, she works within a tight budget to achieve a designer look and a great vision for each home. 

Vaino Lillioja​

ONE agency - Ballina

ATTN RENOVATORS: Don't Do Any Renovations Until You've Watched This Upcoming Webcast.


Renovation can be amazing, fun and profitable - it can also be risky, dangerous and disastrous. On this webcast we'll show you how to master the skills, numbers, due diligence, styling and design that has gotten us record breaking prices (for the area) with minimal and mitigated risk and without any of the stress, disasters and nasty surprises that catch out the average renovator.


You're invited to attend our next web-training to cut down on the heart-ache and increase your fun and profit.  ~The 2 Belindas


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